Gm and Welcome

Felix is a multi-disciplinary artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries. His dedication to artistic exploration and experimentation has led him to work with a variety of techniques and mediums, including acrylic, spray paint, oil-based painting, detailed drawings, sculptures, objects, sound/music, voice, poetry, storytelling, installation, and performance. With his unique approach to art, Felix captures culture in a way that transcends physical and digital worlds.Felix's passion for art was ignited by the transformation brought by sub-cultural elements like graffiti and skateboarding. Over the years, he developed unique drawing and painting styles that influenced his approach to capturing culture through art. His research has led him to explore blockchain-based art since 2021 and the creative paradigm shift within the use of artificial neural networks.Since he minted his first work on Tezos in June 2022, Felix has sold works to over 350 collectors from all over the world. He is an internationally exhibiting artist and has amassed a following of collectors, including but not limited to badsoupyum, Chris Ostoich, Clownvamp, and Artcrush Gallery. He studied illustration and typography at the University for Applied Science in Nuremberg, Germany.

roadmap / time table

On this timeline you see what I did so far and what I want to do next. Updates follow as soon as things are on the radar (+) in progress (o) or already archived (x).

2021Q3 2022Q4 2022Q1 2023
AR cubes (o) (x)SuperRare Artist (x)Metaverse exhibitions (o)
Ar Crypto Blocks Btc (x)Flowers & Bytes (x)Own smart contract (x)Collaborations (o)
While True Do End (o)Nice Rugs (o)Butterflies & Bits (o)While tmrw never ends (o)
Output round 1 (x)mmxgan gen1 (x)Web3 verified (x)MMXgan gen2 (o)
Panic Goats (x)Nyci Nyso (x)Love, death & jpgs (o)NFT Paris (x)
...F022 (o)
...F011 (+)
...NFC (+)

There are a few very nice things in the pipeline! On twitter you will hear them probably first and on my instagram I share more behind the scenes and work in progress things.